12 Must Have Products for Weight Loss

Losing weight is hard… we all know that.  But, I believe it can be made easier by making simple changes in our daily lives.  Over the years, I’ve found many products that have made living a healthier lifestyle easier.  From the kitchen to the gym, here are my 12 must have products for weight loss.

Must Have Products for Weight Loss

12 Must Have Products for Weight Loss

In the Kitchen

Gallon Jug

One thing I always make sure to do is drink a ton of water. You probably already know that water has tons of benefits. I always try to drink at least a gallon a day. I fill up my jug the night before and put it in the refrigerator that it’s cold and ready to go in the morning. For me, it’s easier to have my goal in front of me all day long. I like to see how much I’ve drank and how much I have left to go. It’s made me so much more successful when it comes to meeting my goal.

must have products for weight loss

Measuring Scale

I measure all of my food to make sure I’m not over eating or under eating. It also ensures that all of my macros are in balance!

Measuring Spoons and Cups

Having and extra set of measuring spoons and cups helps me accurately track my servings.

Shaker Cup

I always use a protein shaker cup to mix my ketones. Even if you aren’t taking ketones, you’ll probably want a shaker cup for protein shakes or pre-workout.

Shaker Cup

Silicone Cupcake and Muffin Pans

I love these silicone cupcake and muffin pans for making a few meals a week in advance. They’re perfect for meatloaves and keto breakfast sandwiches.

In your Body


Anyone who has tried the keto diet knows it isn’t easy. I consider myself to be a very dedicated person when it comes to health and getting in shape. After discovering the keto diet and all its benefits, I decided to give it a try. After an entire week of unsuccessfully getting my body into ketosis (even though I followed all the rules), I knew there had to be a better way. That’s when I discovered exogenous ketones. All you do is drink them and your body is in ketosis in under an hour! If you don’t know what ketosis is, you can learn all about it here!


Swerve is a sugar substitute that I love. It’s great for baking. It measures like sugar (unlike other substitutes) and has zero net carbs.


Pink Himalayan Salt

I have a glass of room temperature water every morning (before I break out my refrigerated gallon jug). You can read about the benefits and my 30 day room temperature water challenge here. I always add a pinch of pink Himalayan salt to my water. It helps detoxify your body and gives you a caffeine free boost of energy.


I love adding a teaspoon of collagen to my morning coffee.  It helps fight aging, boosts your metabolism, and improves the health of your hair, skin, and nails.  I’ve noticed a huge difference since I implemented this tiny change.

In the Gym

Wireless Headphones

If you plan on adding workouts to your weight loss plan, I highly recommend wireless headphones.  Whether you’re running on the treadmill or lifting weights, wireless headphones are a game changer.  You can get these ear buds for just over $20 or spring for the real deal and get the Beats headphones.


The FlipBelt is perfect for going to the gym, going on a hike, or even just going on a walk with the kids.  It holds your keys, ID, cash, and more.  And, it’s actually cute.

Waist Trainer

Okay, so I don’t wear my waist trainer in the gum, but I like to think of it as a bonus to working out.  It helps me put everything back where it belongs after baby, gives me extra support, and even helps me lose a few inches.

If you’re working on your post baby body, or just need to lose a few pounds, I hope these products can help! Don’t forget to join my free Facebook group for other great tips, motivation, and support. If you join, please introduce yourself! I love connecting with my readers and helping women feel good about themselves.

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