Sample Carb Cycling Meal Plan

Carb Cycling Sample Meal Plan

After trying the Ketogenic diet for a  few months, I found myself desperately missing my carbs.  If carbs are wrong, I don’t want to be right.  That’s when I discovered a not-so-drastic way of losing weight while still enjoying my favorite foods… carb cycling.  Carb cycling is when you enjoy high carb days and low carb days each week.  I follow the plan outlined in the Faster Way to Fat Loss.  High carb and low carb days are intentionally planned and align with what types of exercise are planned for the day (an added bonus is that all the exercises can be done at home!)  I absolutely love the program (I actually love it so much I became a coach and now help other women work their way through the Faster Way to Fat Loss).  I no longer have to completely eliminate carbs from my diet and I hit my post-baby body goals in record time.  So many people freak out when they hear the words “low carb day”, but The Faster Way to Fat Loss has completely changed my way of thinking.  I think of low carb days as high fat days.  No, I’m not eating fried foods and candy bars, but I do get to enjoy some things that I would have never eaten before I discovered the low carb life (like bacon, lots of cheeses, and sour cream!)

Here are two examples of what I eat on an average low carb day and an average high carb day.


Sample Carb Cycling Meal Plan

Low Carb Day Example

Break my fast Noon or later:

Huge Cobb Salad with romaine and spinach, hardboiled egg, avocado, almond slivers, feta or goal cheese, and grilled chicken


Taco Salad with lean ground turkey, romine, lactose free sour cream, tomato, onion, and avocado

Right after my salad I have my daily dose of greens


 310 shake or other vegan shake mixed with Keto Kreme, lots of Ice, and water

You could also do a fat coffee as a snack on low carb day


Bacon wrapped grilled chicken with jalapeño and feta cheese with a side of  cucumber and tomato salad and a side of cauliflower rice


Handful of almonds

Regular Macro/High Carb Day Example

Gluten free oats with almond milk and strawberries

Egg whites with mushrooms and spinach


Rice Cakes topped with natural peanut butter and sliced bananas

Greens Shake

The Perfect Bar – Peanut Butter


Banza pasta with organic marinara sauce and grass fed ground beef

Sound like a meal plan you can follow?  Sign up for the next round of the Faster Way to Fat Loss!  I’d love to introduce you to a weigh loss plan that is doable and sustainable!

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