How To Properly Weigh Yourself

First things first… I don’t believe that the scale is the best way to track your weight loss.  The scale lies… a lot!  There have been plenty of times that I’ve had clients that have gained weight, but wear smaller clothes and look so much better.  When you’re strength training and eating the right foods, the best way to judge your progress is by how you feel, how your clothes fit, and my favorite, progress shots (we’ll talk about those a little later).  However, I’ve been working with weight loss clients for over 10 years, and I know that no matter what I say, women are going to keep stepping on the scale.  So, in an effort to try to get that number on the scale to be as accurate as possible, here are step by step instructions on how to properly weigh yourself.


How to Properly Weigh Yourself

Do Not Weigh Everyday

Please do not weigh yourself every day.  You’re going to drive yourself crazy because the number on the scale is going to be constantly moving.  There are so many factors that determine what that number is going to be.  How much did you drink?  How much did you eat?  How much sleep did you get?  Are you getting ready to start your cycle?  All of these things have an impact on your day to day weight.  If you’re constantly stepping on the scale, you’re doing nothing but discouraging yourself.

Weigh yourself Once a Week

Try weighing yourself once a week (and once a week ONLY).  It might be a hard habit to break, but it will only benefit you in the long run.  I always weigh myself on Friday mornings.  I typically eat better and stick to my workout routine more during the weekdays.  The last thing I want to do is hop on the scale on Monday morning when I’ve been at cookouts, restaurants, and indulging in dessert all weekend.  Nothing kills your spirit and your desire to stay on track more than stepping on the scale after a long weekend.

How to Weigh Yourself

Step 1: Wake up

Step 2:Empty your bladder

Step 3: Get naked

Step 4: Step on the Scale

Step 5: Record your weight

Repeat this once a week.  At the end of every four weeks, take the average of those four numbers, and that’s how much you weigh.  If you’re looking for a quality scale, I really love the Biggest Loser Scale.  It tracks your weight and BMI.

A Better Way to Track your Progress

Now that you know how to properly weigh yourself, let’s talk about the best way to really gauge your weight loss… progress shots!  I always have my clients take before, during, and after photos when they’re in The Faster Way to Fat Loss.  Photos do a much better job of showing you how far you’ve come.  They’re extremely motivating and give you that extra boost of confidence to keep going.  My best advice is to take a photo from the front, a photo from the side, and a photo from the back.  When you’re taking progress shots, wear the exact same outfit, stand in the exact same spot, and take the exact same photos.  Put them side by side to see the difference!  Check out this before and after of my sister!  She was feeling discouraged in her weight loss journey until she put these two photos side by side!

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