5 Reasons You’re Fat for No Reason

As females, we tend to hang onto fat in our mid-section.  Whether it’s your belly or  your back, our excess fat tends to end up there.  Sometimes, we feel like we are doing the right things, but not making any progress.  Here are five reasons why you’re fat for no reason.


5 Reasons You’re Fat for No Reason

1. Your Body is Never Going into Digestive Rest

You’re could be eating too frequently.  In the past, we have been told that we need to kick start our metabolism by eating every two to three hours, starting right when we wake up. By doing this we are never letting our bodies fully rest and we aren’t burning through our carbs, proteins and fats. If we never burn through the fats we ingest, we never burn off fat!  Try implementing intermittent fasting for a quick way to lose fat.

2. You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water

Water is vital to losing fat and keeping it off.  Getting in a gallon of water each day has amazing benefits for many different facets of your health.  If you’re not drinking a gallon of water each day, it’s likely that you’re constantly in a state of dehydration and not flushing out the foods you are eating.

3. You Aren’t Getting Enough Micronutrients 

In the health and fitness industry, you hear so many people talk about their “macros”.  But, did you know that micronutrients are just as important?  Your body needs vitamins and minerals to function properly.  You have to make sure you’re getting in your daily micronutrients.  My favorite way to make sure I’m hitting this target is to take daily greens.  They help keep your digestive system regular, kill bad bacteria, and help you function better on a cellular level. (I’ve dedicated an entire post to daily greens.  You can read it here!)

4. You Aren’t as Active as you Think

Just because you’re working out 30 to 40 minutes a day doesn’t mean you’re considered an “active” person.  Make sure you’re getting in some additional physical activity throughout the day especially if you the rest of your day is relatively sedentary (like working a desk job or being a stay at home mom).  Try to get your heart rate up several times a day by taking walks, taking the stairs, parking at the back of the parking lot, ect.

5. You are Logging your Activity Wrong

The settings on your activity trackers can be making you fat.  Even if you’re grinding at the gym 5 – 6 days a week, you should not have your activity level set as “active” if you work a desk job or some other sedentary job.  I set mine to “not very active” even though I work out several times a week.  You should also make sure you don’t have your food log (My Fitness Pal or otherwise) synced to your activity tracker.  That will trick your food log into thinking you’re able to consume far more calories each day.

Try making some small changes in your daily life and I can guarantee they will add up to big results.  If you’d like some more guidance and motivation, join my free Facebook community, Wellness and Weight Loss!


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