Client Spotlight – Ali Foronjy

What did your health and fitness look like before the FASTer Way to Fat Loss

My health and fitness have always been up to par. Being in the health and fitness industry myself I’ve always had a good handle on the tools I needed to keep myself healthy, trim and lean. Once I became pregnant with my first baby everything changed. The expectations I had postpartum was not what my body had in line for me. I found my self stuck, unhappy and trying everything on the marketplace to get myself back to where I use to be! Fast forward to baby #2. My mentality was much better being I worked really hard and spent lots of money on programs and shakes that helped me get somewhat close to my pre pregnancy self after #1. I thought for sure I could do it again. Well number 2 was much more exhausting and much more of a juggle. I had little time for meal prep and no patience for anything. I decided to give my body time to rest and recover before I decided what to do next.

How did you find out about FASTer Way to Fat Loss with Brittiney Landis and what made you invest and join?

I had been following Brittiney for a few years since we are both so similar. I had dove into intermittent fasting on my own. I kept seeing her post about FASTer Way to Fat Loss® but I thought it was just another program to spend money on. Well thankfully I signed up last minute before registration closed! I was intrigued and wanted to see what it was all about. I trusted her knowledge and knew she wouldn’t promote something that wasn’t worth my time. It was the best thing I ever did for myself!

What do you love about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss experience?

What I love about FASTer Way to Fat Loss® is the mental shift it has provided me. Along with seeing results in just a short 2 weeks, I had given myself permission to eat again. Under eating is a serious thing! Learning how to fuel my body in such a strategic way was life changing. Enjoying carbohydrates to the capacity I have been would of never happened years ago! I feel alive and happy again! I no longer look at food as my enemy but as my survivor to life.

What do you love about intermittent fasting?

Fasting helps control my picker type eating! I love to snack at night so it helps me shut off those feelings of wanting to eat. I know I have all I need during my eating window. Also waking up without a feeling of bloat and heaviness is a great feeling as well.

What do you love about using macro counting?

Macro counting has shown me that food is fuel. People get scared of this and think it’s too much and too time consuming. For a beginner a little work needs to be put in to understand and get the hang of it but after that it’s magic! I can’t wait to see how many carbs I have left for the day and decide what to eat.

What do you love about carb cycling?

Carb cycling has been fun to change up my food! Lower carb days gives me variety to eat foods I might not want to eat everyday but enjoy so much! Peanut butter is a real love type thing! So changing up the cycle everyday keeps things less boring!

What’s your favorite part of the workouts & which do you use (beginner, home workout, gym workout)?

My favorite part about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® workouts is they are just enough. I don’t have to over extent myself and feel tanked after. I can get a good calorie burn without stressing my body so much. I chose the at home workout.

How was your overall experience with the FWTFL? Did you decide to become a coach? Affiliate? Do you recommend Brittiney Landis as your coach?

I loved it so much that I applied to be a coach! Just going into it I knew I was going to love it. This has been my passion as well so to have an awesome program to offer people makes nutrition coaching less exhausting and much more fun!

Yes Brittiney is a phenomenal coach. She meets the needs of her clients, provides excellent content, and shows exceptional confidence and passion for what she does! She doesn’t want you to be a slave to your food! Enjoy your food, it’s the best freedom we can give ourselves.

You can follow Ali and her health and fitness journey on Instagram!

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