Client Spotlight – Andrea Demers

What did your health and fitness look like before the FASTer Way to Fat Loss? 

I was 8 months postpartum with my 2nd and still hanging on to about 10 lbs of baby weight. I was breastfeeding. I did cardio as often as I could and trying to eat healthy. Breastfeeding made me ravenous and I was eating a lot. I knew when the breastfeeding came to an end, I would privaby gain another 10 lbs if I didn’t get control. Prior to babies, I spend a lot of hours in the gym and restricted myself to small low calorie meals and was still unable to achieve the lean toned body I worked so hard for!

How did you find out about FASTer Way to Fat Loss with Brittiney Landis and what made you invest and join?

I had heard some buzz about intermittent fasting and did a Pinterest search. Brittiney came up in that search. Her life situation sounded similar to mine and she looked incredible! She was super approachable so I sent her a Facebook message and asked some questions. After a few conversations with Brittiney, I decided to invest! (Best decision ever!)

What do you love about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Experience?

The simplicity. I am busy. Two young kids really monopolize my time. I love not having to do major meal planning. I love being able to eat at the same time as the rest of my family and eat what they are eating. I love eating and feeling full when I’m done. I also love the results I got…almost immediately… and the results I continue to see 6 months later!

What do you love about intermittent fasting?

I have so much more appetite control than I have in my whole life. I no longer obess over food and that is freeing.

What do you love about using macro counting?

Not focusing on calories has been a huge plus for me! I feel so much more full and satisfied now.

What do you love about carb cycling?

Carb cycling has given me the freedom to eat carbs without guilt while still reaping the benefits from low carb days!

What’s your favorite part of the workouts & which do you use beginner, home workout, gym workout)

I use the home workouts! I love the way they are always new and different but not too complicated! And the fact that I can complete them in 45 min or less!

How was your overall experience with the FWTFL? Did you decide to become a coach? Affiliate? Do you recommend Brittiney Landis as your coach?

My overall experience with the FWTFL has been incredible! It is hands down the most sustainable and effective program I have ever done. I have never stuck with any program this long. I signed up as an affiliate because I have had so many people ask me about the program. I would love to become a coach one day when my life is less busy. After 2 rounds with Brittiney, I went on to join VIP, and I’m loving the continued support and expert advice!

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