Client Spotlight – Jennifer Crutchfield

What did your health and fitness look like before the FASTer Way to Fat Loss?

 I was at my breaking point literally 48 hours prior to finding the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program. I had been struggling with a variety of health issues over the past several years and consequently slowly gaining weight. Nothing was taking it off and in fact almost everything I did added a pound or two on a regular basis. I remember at my last appointment just prior to joining the program I had a breakdown at the doctor’s office saying I could not handle even 1 more pound. I was also struggling with lack of energy and strength. I felt like I was 100 years old and just over feeling that way.

How did you find out about FASTer Way to Fat Loss with Brittiney Landis and what made you invest and join?

I was on Instagram and I saw a post by Brittiney about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program and was intrigued. I took a screen shot and decided to pray about it. Over the next day or two I could not get it off my mind. I then saw a second post by Brittiney for her last call to join on Instagram and decided not only was it a sign but it is an affordable program and I felt I had nothing to lose at this point.

What do you love about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Experience?

Everything! My coach, Brittiney has been a total inspiration. All the ladies in every group I am in for the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program are positive, uplifting, and supportive. Most importantly I am finally falling in love with my body again. What do you love about intermittent fasting?I feel amazing! I am a totally honest person and for me the first few weeks were rough transitioning from a sugar burner to a fat burner. It was worth sticking with it though. I also have more energy and my stomach was much calmer.

What do you love about using macro counting?

I know how much food I need to eat to keep my body healthy. I found quickly I under ate a lot and my diet did not include enough of all the macros. My comfort zone was lots protein and hardly any fats. Once I started tracking what I was doing I was able to better fuel my body and feel better.

What do you love about carb cycling?

I like the rotation of macros and exercises to create variety and it maximizes results.

What’s your favorite part of the workouts & which do you use (beginner, home workout, gym workout)?

I enjoy that the workouts rotate daily. If your legs are sore the next day you are working another body part so it does not feel physically overwhelming and it’s a completely sustainable program. I started with beginner workouts then moved to home workouts.

How was your overall experience with the FWTFL? Did you decide to become a coach? Affiliate? Do you recommend Brittiney Landis as your coach?

I had an amazing experience with the FWTFL. I decided to become a coach to share my struggles with other ladies so they know they are not alone. I absolutely recommend Brittiney Landis as your coach. She is inspirational, supportive and kind.

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