What I Wish I Would have Known Before I Started Counting Macros

#1 It’s really not that complicated. Macros seem like this fancy bodybuilding term that all the buff dudes and bikini babes are counting but truthfully macro counting is important for everyone, even more important for us common folk who want to be healthy, energized, and fit. Macros are SIMPLY your proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. When they are in balance and we are eating the proper amounts of each, we experience better energy levels and more fat loss. 

#2 Micro-nutrients are just as important, if not more important, than your macros. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in hitting our macros that we forget about our MICROS (vitamins/minerals). This is why I do not have my clients count their non-starchy veggies. I encourage them to fill up on these babies.!I have never met a person who got fat from eating too much broccoli.

#3 Plan Ahead – In a world of instant gratification, it’s hard when our bodies don’t follow suit. If you want to be successful at anything in life, you can’t be lazy. You will need to take some time, and pre-plan your meals. My Fitness Pal makes it super easy to save and copy meals so you don’t have to enter each meal everyday. If you aren’t pre-planning you will be stuck with too much fat or too much carbs at the end of the night and not being able to hit one without going over on another.

#4 Protein is your most important macro to hit. Protein should be divided evenly throughout the day with each meal. I personally aim for 30g of protein at each meal. Protein is especially important for females and is often the most under-eaten. If you want to build long lean muscle, and have energy, you need to get in your protein. When it is spread out evenly each meal it helps with satiety and hunger cravings. 

#5 Flexible Dieting. Do you find it easy to eat super helthy 80% of the time but then the other 20% you just want to not worry about it. Macro counting (or “if it fits your macros”) is the perfect way to add in those fun foods like s’mores, donuts, french fries, McDonalds, and ice cream without messing up your results. When it fits in our macros, it’s fair game.

#6 Alcohol. Logging your drinks properly makes all the difference in your results. It’s also important to know that once you start sipping on alcohol, your metabolism stops for 48 hours so keep the drinks to 1-2 times a week, not 1-2 times a night. 

#7 Your friends and family do not need to understand your food plan. Honestly they just don’t. Macros may seem obsessive and if you’re really putting in the effort to hit them properly, you do not need their permission to do this. Stay connected with your online fit community for support.

#8 You do not need supplements. Protein bars, shakes, and BCAA are all great, but truthfully you can hit all your macros without them. I find that I’m less inflamed when I use real food.

#9 Plan ahead when eating out. Look up the nutrition facts and play with your numbers in my fitness pal before you head out for the evening.

#10 Log dinner or restaurant food first. Decide what your going to have for dinner/snack or out to eat first, then work your way backwards to hit the rest of your macros. Do this versus eating all day then going over at night. Sometimes it makes more sense to have smaller meals throughout the day and then save the rest of your macros for your last meal.

#11 It’s not one size fits all. We all fit our macros in different and have different macros to hit. Some people eat all their carbs for breakfast, some people save all their carbs/fats for dinner. Whatever is possible and practical for you is best.

#12 Don’t change your macros too frequently especially if your seeing results. You do not need to change them every time the scale or measurements go down. 

#13 When you do decide to change your macros do it slowly. You do not want to do big changes when it comes to your macros. Going up or down 5% is a great pace to go at. Judge your macro changes by your measurements, photos, energy, and sleep, not by the scale.

#14 If you must indulge and go over on your carbs, you can always burn through those in a leg workout.

#15 Get a higher volume of food. Utilize those non-starchy veggies (that you don’t have to log) to keep you full and satisfied throughout the day.

#16 However you decide to weigh your food stick with it and be consistent. If your going to use a food scale, stick with that. If you want to use measuring cups, stick with those. If you measure before cooked or after, it doesn’t matter, just be consistent.

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