5 Macro Counting Hacks for My Fitness Pal

1. Use the Barcode Scanner Feature 

Using the barcode scanner feature is so much easier than scrolling through the hundreds of My Fitness Pal entries. The barcode scanner will give you much more accurate results as well.

2. Stick with Foods with the Verified Shield

Foods in the My Fitness Pal database with a “verified shield” next to them contain very accurate macro and calorie information. This is extremely helpful when you do not have access to a barcode or nutrition label. You can always trust the verified shield.

3. Be Descriptive in the Search Bar Feature 

Always be as descriptive as possible when searching for a food. For example, if your are searching for tortillas, do not simply just type in tortillas. Type in the brand name, the type, and the amount. Be as specific as possible for the best results. So you might type in Oreta Low Carb tortillas. When it comes to proteins, think the same way. Instead of typing in ground beef, type in “Kroger Ground Beef 93/10”.

4. Use the Recent Tabs or Frequent Tabs to Find your Most Common Foods

You don’t have to regularly add the same foods over and over. If you’ve scanned a barcode once, that food will stay in the system. Utilize the recent or frequent tabs so that you can log your food in an instant!

5. Create Meals

If you’ve found a breakfast you love, create a meal option and save it so you don’t to have to reenter. This page walks you through how to easily create meals in My Fitness Pal.

6. Use the “Copy to Date” Option

If you typically have the same meal for breakfast everyday, or rotate through a couple different lunches, you can just copy your meal and paste it to a different date. Just click the three dots in the corner and copy that meal to whatever days you plan to eat the same thing.  

I hope these tips help you quickly and easily log your food and crush you health and weight loss goals!

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