How to do a 24 Hour Fast

Fasting has become a very popular way to burn fat and lose weight. While the word can scare people off, it’s actually not as scary as it sounds. The most popular form of fasting is the 16:8 protocol, which I practice on a daily basis. But, once a month, I take on a 24 hour fast with my FASTer Way to Fat Loss VIP clients. While a 24 hour fast might sound intimidating, it can work wonders for your weight loss journey and your health.

Benefits of a 24 Hour Fast

  • Cellular Repair – Your body’s natural way of replenishing cells to help prevent disease. 
  • May Reduce Inflammation – my favorite thing about fasting is how light weight you feel from the reduction of inflammation. You wake up with a flat stomach and feel the fat
  • Autophagy – autophagy is when your body self eats (removes damaging cells) and this helps reduce inflammation, reduce cellulite, aids anti-aging, and removes dark spots under your eyes.
  • Increased Energy and Accelerated Fat Loss – 24 hour Fasts can also help increase energy and accelerate fat loss by giving your body time to fully digest and use stored fat as energy.

How to do a 24 Hour Fast

The day of a fast, I eat my normal, healthy, regular calorie/macro day. A sample day for me looks something like this:

  • Meal 1 – 2 eggs, toast, and berries 
  • Meal 2 – rice, skirt steak, black beans, lettuce, sour cream, salsa
  • Meal 3 – ½ ezekiel muffin, peanut butter, ½ banana 
  • Meal 4 – broccoli, pasta, Italian sausage , parmesan cheese, small side salad

My last meal (meal 4) is at 4:00 PM. I start my  fast starts as soon as I’m finished. I will start consuming water with pink Himalayan sea salt, and end the night with dandelion root tea for inflammation and detox.

When I wake up in the morning, I have 20oz room temp water (try this challenge) followed by black coffee with sweet leaf stevia. Throughout the day, I will drink a gallon of water and another cup of dandelion root tea.

I break my 24 hour fast with a super healthy meal at 4:00PM.

Tips for Surviving the 24 Hour Fast

  • Stay busy
  • Drink lots of water
  • Try green tea or dandelion root tea to help suppress your appetite
  • Don’t do any extreme exercise
  • Fast from 4PM – 4PM

The key to a 24 hour fast is to consume no calories and no supplements to give your body a total digestive rest so that it can repair itself, remove damaged cells, and burn stored fat. 

I am coaching clients through daily 16 hour fasts and monthly 24 hour fasts. Join here to become a client!

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