5 Easy Tips for Healthier, Younger Looking Skin

On December 16th I celebrated my 33rd birthday. It’s so hard to believe, I am 33, married almost 13 years, 3 babies and hardly any wrinkles (haha!). Taking care of my skin has been a big priority of mine over the last few years. I’m friends with women who are in their late 40’s-50’s and their common theme is looking in the mirror and not recognizing themselves. When I was 27, I met two amazing women who  had the most flawless skin and I began asking them a million questions on how they looked so youthful but not like a plastic weirdo. They were aging gracefully and gorgeously and they had some tips I immediately started doing. Along the way, I have fallen in love with some products I want to share with you. Here are 5 easy tips for healthier, younger looking skin.

#1: Get out of the Tanning Bed

In the words of my esthetician, the tanning bed is a “cancer coffin” and the quickest way to  age yourself. The weird thing about tanning beds is its not gradual aging. With tanning, one day you wake up look 10-15 years older and the damage is done. Honestly, I’m surprised tanning salons are still in business. But, this is a free way to stop the aging process. Don’t even waste your money on good product or botox if your going to wrinkle away in a tanning bed.

#2: Wear Sunscreen Daily

If you want healthier, younger looking skin, you should be wearing sunscreen every day, even in the winter, even when you are inside. I am in love with this tinted sunscreen and it’s really high quality. It’s not the banana boat horrible smelling kind. This sunscreen does not smell and goes on flawlessly after you cleanse and moisturize, let it dry really well and then apply your makeup as you normally would.

#3: Wash your Face

You should be washing your face every evening before bed and every morning. This is huge and has been a game changer for me, if you could invest in anything, a clarisonic brush and a cleanser is a must! I love the guided timer so you know how long to spend on each area of your face. This only needs to be used at night when taking off your makeup. Cleansers aren’t something you need to invest a lot of money on if you needing to  save in any area you can use this Neutrogena Gentle, but if you want the best, this gel cleanser is amazing at taking every trace of makeup off and leaving your pores looking amazing. 

healthy skin glowbiotics

#4 Get Yourself on High Quality Regimen that is Medical Grade

I have been using GlowBiotics since around 28 and am in love with their products. You can get a cute sample set to try out a full regimen for only $20. I currently use the anti-aging kit. It comes in a cute travel bag plus a card that explains how to use each product and in what order. This is a great way to test out the products and see what you like best.

#5 Exercise, Eat Right, and Drink your Water

Exercise and diet has a huge impact on your skin. If you want to look healthy and youthful, you have to be treating your body right. Physical activity, eating whole foods, and drinking your water every day can take you a long way when it comes to making your skin look good.


I hope these tips, tricks, and products help you start to create your own healthy skin routine! For more tips and tricks for staying healthy, looking great, and aging gracefully, follow me on Instagram!

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