Time to Stop Wearing your Grandma’s Make Up

Friends, I am so freaking excited about this blog post, I have been dying to chat make-up and skincare forever, but was nervous there wouldn’t be much response since I’m all fitness and food all the time. But, to be honest, I have scaled back on new client rounds, having no more than 20 new clients a round so I can fully engage and be there without burnout!  So, in the off time of Faster Way to Fat Loss rounds I am chatting make up, botox, boob jobs, skincare routine and more. So, let me know if you want more of these topics by commenting here!

Color Science Make Up

Let’s Chat Color Science make up! It is a game changer! It makes you look flawless and has tons of anti-aging properties. I have linked all my products here! If you love this list, make sure to follow me.

My Make Up Routine

I have  put together a hot mess express mom  makeup tutorial in my Wellness and Weight Loss group. You can join the group for free for other tips and tutorials.

Stop Using your Grandma’s Make Up

Like I say in the video it is time stop with the Covergirl drug store crap, we  are getting old (haha), and it is time we use proper makeup that not only helps us look flawless but also stops the aging process as well! If you try it out let me know! And be sure to give me a tag so I can see  what you bought and how it looks on you!

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