3 Steps to Creating a Macro Balanced Meal


One thing that has helped me be successful in flexible dieting (or counting macros) has been creating macro balanced meals. Sure, there are days where I my meals are completely balanced because I’m enjoying a pizza for dinner, or donuts for breakfast, but typically, I eat balanced meals that keep my body in fat burning mode. Creating macro balanced meals helps me stay energized and makes it easy to hit my macros each day. Here are three simple steps to creating macro balanced meals.

Step 1: Protein (a very large amount of protein) 

Everyone is going ot have different  macro goals by prioritizing protein at each meal, you can feel fuller and more satiated throughout the day. A lack of protein can cause fatigue, which is one of the most common complaints of most of my clients before I start working with them. Protein also helps us build long, lean muscles so we are actually strong, not just “skinny fat”. Make sure to get in a lot of protein at each meal so that you’re not stuck with a huge amount that you’re supposed to get in at the end of the day. Divide your daily protein macro count by how many meals you plan to eat that day, and try to reach that number at each meal. For example if your goal is 120g of protein for the day, and you plan to eat four meals, divide 120g by 4 and you will have around 30g of protein per meal.

Here is an example of what a meal with 30g of protein would look like:

  • 1 whole egg,  6 tablespoons of egg whites, Canadian bacon, and some Dave’s killer bread 
  • Greek yogurt with nuts, seeds, and berries
  • Cottage cheese with peanut butter and cinnamon

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Step 2: Add Fit Fats 

Your next step to a balanced macro meal is adding in your fit fats. There is no need to be afraid of fat, especially fit fats. When we have these essential fats in our macro balanced meals, it helps buffer the absorption of carbs which helps us say goodbye to hanger. I personally aim to have around 10g of fat per meal, and get this by adding in, coconut oil, avocado, feta cheese, goat cheese, and of course my favorite, peanut butter. Your balanced meal should always contain some healthy fats.

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Step 3: Time for Carbs!

Carbs are not the enemy! We need them to help restore energy, and when they are balanced with a good amount of protein and a fit fat, you are setting yourself up for success. This is our last step to have a macro balanced meal. Carbs can be one of the biggest struggles to get in since we have deemed them so dangerous. I like to get around 30g of carbs per meal and I do not count any non-starchy carbs in my daily macros (like broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, etc.)

Here’s an example of what 30 g of carbs per meal would look like:

When we have an even amount carbs spread out through the day, its easier to hit our carb grams, it helps stabilize our blood sugar, and gives us energy to make it through the day.

Having a healthy amount of protein, fat, and carbs at each meal will help you feel full and satisfied throughout the day and make easier to consistently hit your macro targets.

If you’re interested in counting macros and flexible dieting, but don’t know how to get started, I would love to work with you one on one. I help clients calculate their macros, create fat burning meal plans, and design a lifestyle that helps them lose weight and keep it off. You can learn more and register as a client here!

You can also follow me on Instagram for more balanced meal ideas and tips and tricks for living a flexible dieting lifestyle.

18 Weight Loss Tips you Have to Try

Make Small, Attainable Goals

One of the best pieces of advice I share with new clients is to make small, attainable goals.  When you have a massive goal sitting in front of you, it almost makes you want to give up because it seems too hard to reach.  Break your bigger goals into smaller, more achievable goals.  Instead of saying you want to lose 50 pounds, focus on losing the first 5.  Celebrating those smaller milestones on the way to your greater goal is going to motivate you and inspire you to stick with it.

Take Before and After Photos

I think taking before and after photos is one of the best things you can do to see progress in your weight loss journey.  No one likes looking at their before photos, but in a couple of months when you put it next to your after photo, you’re going to love looking at it. I’m a firm believer that the scale doesn’t always tell you how much progress your making.  By taking before at after photos, it will give you a clear view of how far you’ve come.

Celebrate NSVs

So many people use the scale as a measurement of success when they’re trying to lose weight.  The numbers on the scale are not the only thing to celebrate.  Try focusing on your non-scale victories.  Do your pants fit better?  Do you feel more energized?  Did someone compliment you on your progress?  Can you run around with your kids without getting winded?  All of these would be non-scale victories that deserve to be celebrated.

Log your Food in My Fitness Pal (or another app)

While I’m not big on counting calories, I do think that using a food journal or food log is crucial for anyone trying to lose weight.  I love My Fitness Pal and use it to track my macros and make sure that I’m reaching my daily goals.  Using a food log to make sure you’re getting enough proteins, fats, and carbs can go a long way for anyone trying to lose weight.

Try Intermittent Fasting

I’ve tried so many different weight loss methods over the years.  I can tell you, without a doubt, that intermittent fasting is the easiest way to lose weight.  Don’t let the word “fasting” scare you.  Intermittent fasting just means shortening your eating window each day.  Instead of eating from 8AM – 8PM, you eat from 12PM – 8PM.  Intermittent fasting is great for weight loss and has many other health benefits.  You can learn more about intermittent fasting here!

Portion Out your Snacks

I’m a firm believer in the idea that no food should be off limits.  If there’s a snack that you love, don’t deprive yourself, just make sure you enjoy it in moderation.  Portioning out your snacks, or purchasing in individual servings helps you enjoy your favorite treats without going overboard.

Spice up your Food

It’s not hard to make your food taste good without adding tons of extra fat.  Make sure you’re utilizing your spice rack (but try to go easy on the salt).  I also love adding condiments like hot sauce, salsa, and mustard to my food for added flavor without the added fat.

Eat Before you Grocery Shop

One simple rule I always follow is never go to the grocery store hungry.  I always make sure I eat beforehand so that I don’t make crazy decisions while I’m strolling the aisles.  If you grocery shop on an empty stomach, you’re more likely to make poorer food choices, purchase things that weren’t on your list, and spend more money. Another great tip is to use a grocery pick up service (like Clicklist or Curbside Express). It cuts down on impulse purchases so that you’re only buying what’s on your list!

Look up the Menu before you go out to Eat

It can be extremely hard to stay on track with your weight loss goals if you frequently go out to eat.  My family and I tend to go out to dinner every weekend.  I’ve found that looking up the menu ahead of time and checking out the nutrition facts helps me stay on track and reach my daily macros.  Restaurants can be tricky.  Don’t think that a salad is the healthiest thing on the menu.  You’d be surprised at how quickly the calories add up when there’s cheese, candied nuts, dried fruit, and loads of dressing added in.  Check out the menu, look up the nutrition facts, and make a choice that fits into your goals that you’re also going to enjoy. You can read my other tips for going out to eat here!

Take 10k Steps a Day

I’d like to tell you that this is an easy way to stay healthy and shed some weight, but getting in 10,000 steps a day can be hard.  However, walking is so good for your body, and your mind, especially if you work a job where you’re sedentary most of the day.  For tips on how to get in 10,000 steps a day, check out this post.

Get 8 Hours of Sleep

Sleep isn’t given enough priority in most people’s lives.  Not only is it important for your energy levels, it’s crucial for your health and has an impact on your body’s ability to lose weight.  We treat eight hours of sleep like it’s a luxury, but it should be a scheduled part of our everyday lives.  Put the phone down, turn off Netflix, and catch some z’s.

Have a Greens Drink

I learned a long time ago that getting in all my micronutrients was hard.  I’m not huge on veggies and even when I think I’ve done well getting in my greens for the day, I always end up falling short.  In an effort to simplify my life, I started drinking daily greensDaily greens is a superfood drink powder that contains farm fresh greens, wholesome fruits and veggies, and nutrient rich superfoods.  I make a daily detox drink with them and it gives me loads of energy, helps my digestion, and controls my cravings.

Drink Half your Body Weight in Ounces a Day

Water is such an important part of staying healthy and losing weight.  If we’re dehydrated (which most people are, most of the time), it can send confusing signals to our brains and make us think we’re hungry.  Staying hydrated in good for your skin, helps with digestion, helps control your appetite, and more.  My best recommendation is to drink half your body weight in ounces each day.

Try Sole Water

Sole water is another easy addition to your day that can reap many benefits.  Sole water is water that is saturated with mineral salt. You can learn how to make sole water, how it should be consumed, and read about its benefits here!

Invest in Cute Workout Clothes

Nothing motivates me for a workout more than cute workout clothes.  If I feel good, it energizes me and makes me want to crush my workout.  If I’m wearing old sweat pants and my husband’s t-shirt, I tend to act as frumpy as I look.  Investing in cute workout clothes can make a huge impact on your willingness to go to the gym or even to get in a good workout at home. You can find some of my favorite workout gear here!

Make Working Out Convenient

Convenience is everything when you lead a busy lifestyle.  One of the biggest reasons people put on weight in the first place is because they’re busy and tend to take the easy and convenient route.  Try finding an app that lets you workout anywhere (I love the virtual gym that comes with FASTer Way to Fat Loss).  If you have kids, join a gym that offers childcare.  Find a gym that has flexible hours and is close to work or home.  Find a workout routine that can be done in your living room.  Whatever will make working out more convenient, do it!

Make your Workouts Short and Sweet

It took me a long time to learn this, but the truth is, you don’t need a to do long, crazy intense workouts to lose weight and get healthy.  A short workout four times a week is better than a long workout once a week (because you can’t ever find the time).  Find workouts that get straight to the point and can be accomplished within 30 minutes or less.  Schedule your workouts into your day, or they aren’t going to happen.  When you know you only have to commit to 30 minutes, you’re far more likely to stick to your routine and get that workout in.  I absolutely love the virtual gym that comes with the FASTer Way to Fat Loss.  It has workouts that you can do at home or at the gym, and they can all be accomplished in about 30 minutes!

Don’t Give Up After One Bad Day

We all have bad days when it comes to diet and exercise.  Those bad days make it so easy to want to throw in the towel and give up altogether.  In reality, one bad day isn’t a big deal.  It’s not going to make you pack on all the weight you lost and it’s not going to stunt your progress.  However, if you let that bad day turn into a bad week, and then a bad month, then you have a problem.  If you have a bad day, let it but just that… a bad day.  Wake up the next day and start again fresh!

I hope these weight loss tips and tricks give you some new ideas for jump starting a healthier lifestyle.  If you’re looking for a little more guidance, I encourage you to join me for the next round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss where I’ll be your personal coach and guide you through cutting edge fat loss strategies that can change your life (check out some client success stories here).  Registration is currently open for the next round.

What I Wish I Would have Known Before I Started Counting Macros

#1 It’s really not that complicated. Macros seem like this fancy bodybuilding term that all the buff dudes and bikini babes are counting but truthfully macro counting is important for everyone, even more important for us common folk who want to be healthy, energized, and fit. Macros are SIMPLY your proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. When they are in balance and we are eating the proper amounts of each, we experience better energy levels and more fat loss. 

#2 Micro-nutrients are just as important, if not more important, than your macros. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in hitting our macros that we forget about our MICROS (vitamins/minerals). This is why I do not have my clients count their non-starchy veggies. I encourage them to fill up on these babies.!I have never met a person who got fat from eating too much broccoli.

#3 Plan Ahead – In a world of instant gratification, it’s hard when our bodies don’t follow suit. If you want to be successful at anything in life, you can’t be lazy. You will need to take some time, and pre-plan your meals. My Fitness Pal makes it super easy to save and copy meals so you don’t have to enter each meal everyday. If you aren’t pre-planning you will be stuck with too much fat or too much carbs at the end of the night and not being able to hit one without going over on another.

#4 Protein is your most important macro to hit. Protein should be divided evenly throughout the day with each meal. I personally aim for 30g of protein at each meal. Protein is especially important for females and is often the most under-eaten. If you want to build long lean muscle, and have energy, you need to get in your protein. When it is spread out evenly each meal it helps with satiety and hunger cravings. 

#5 Flexible Dieting. Do you find it easy to eat super helthy 80% of the time but then the other 20% you just want to not worry about it. Macro counting (or “if it fits your macros”) is the perfect way to add in those fun foods like s’mores, donuts, french fries, McDonalds, and ice cream without messing up your results. When it fits in our macros, it’s fair game.

#6 Alcohol. Logging your drinks properly makes all the difference in your results. It’s also important to know that once you start sipping on alcohol, your metabolism stops for 48 hours so keep the drinks to 1-2 times a week, not 1-2 times a night. 

#7 Your friends and family do not need to understand your food plan. Honestly they just don’t. Macros may seem obsessive and if you’re really putting in the effort to hit them properly, you do not need their permission to do this. Stay connected with your online fit community for support.

#8 You do not need supplements. Protein bars, shakes, and BCAA are all great, but truthfully you can hit all your macros without them. I find that I’m less inflamed when I use real food.

#9 Plan ahead when eating out. Look up the nutrition facts and play with your numbers in my fitness pal before you head out for the evening.

#10 Log dinner or restaurant food first. Decide what your going to have for dinner/snack or out to eat first, then work your way backwards to hit the rest of your macros. Do this versus eating all day then going over at night. Sometimes it makes more sense to have smaller meals throughout the day and then save the rest of your macros for your last meal.

#11 It’s not one size fits all. We all fit our macros in different and have different macros to hit. Some people eat all their carbs for breakfast, some people save all their carbs/fats for dinner. Whatever is possible and practical for you is best.

#12 Don’t change your macros too frequently especially if your seeing results. You do not need to change them every time the scale or measurements go down. 

#13 When you do decide to change your macros do it slowly. You do not want to do big changes when it comes to your macros. Going up or down 5% is a great pace to go at. Judge your macro changes by your measurements, photos, energy, and sleep, not by the scale.

#14 If you must indulge and go over on your carbs, you can always burn through those in a leg workout.

#15 Get a higher volume of food. Utilize those non-starchy veggies (that you don’t have to log) to keep you full and satisfied throughout the day.

#16 However you decide to weigh your food stick with it and be consistent. If your going to use a food scale, stick with that. If you want to use measuring cups, stick with those. If you measure before cooked or after, it doesn’t matter, just be consistent.

How to Log Alcohol when Counting Macros


Is your daily nightcap keeping you fat?

The ever popular mom trend of being a wino and needing wine daily after a long day with the kids is probably a huge reason your hanging onto that stubborn mom pooch. There is a lot of science on how alcohol negatively effects your health and fat burning goals, and the whole one glass of red wine a night is good for you is bull crap. Here’s the real deal in non science terms. ONE glass of alcohol stops you from burning fat for up to 48 hours! YES, you will not be burning any fat for up to 48 hours after drinking alcohol. Now, I’m not saying don’t have a social life because I love a cocktail with my hubby by the pool, but what I am saying is that you need to be smart about it, and pick and choose wisely when you will be engaging versus having a drink on a daily basis. Save the adult beverages for the special occasions to keep your body in fat burning mode.


Macro Counting and Alcohol

If you’ve read any of my other posts or follow me on Instagram, you know that I stay in shape by counting my macros. When it comes to alcohol, you’re most likely falling for the low calorie/low carb gimmicks (think Mich Ultra, White Claw, and Truly).  In reality, you’re logging your adult beverages all wrong. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram. Which means it is not a fat or a carb, but you have to log as one or the other. So to all my macro counting babes out there, you need to know how to do this properly so you can still see results!

How to Log Alcohol

Example White Claw 100 calories and only 2g of Carbs….. OR IS IT?

If you do the calculations correctly it is 12.5g of Carbs and 5.5 grams of fat, so you will either need to log as a fat or a carb to be able to enter it into your macros correctly!

Alcohol is the 4th macronutrient, after the main 3 (carbohydrate, protein, and fat). While carbohydrate and protein each contribute 4 calories per gram and fat contributes 9 calories per gram, alcohol contributes 7 calories per gram. So, it’s not quite a fat, but definitely not a carbohydrate either.

I like to use an alcohol calculator to make sure I’m logging things correctly.  This is my favorite one (and it’s also an app)!

It’s time to be smart, not silly, when it comes to your favorite adult beverage and start properly tracking and logging.  You also need to start choosing when to engage or not engage.

Get access to more of these amazing tools and macro systems in the VIP program.  All of my clients are eligible after just one round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss!

How to Take 10,000 Steps a Day


Do you struggle with getting in your workouts everyday? There is one way you can get healthy and keep fat off and that is by simply MOVING! By making a goal of 10,000 steps a day, you can help your body continue to burn fat even if you aren’t hitting the gym. If you haven’t yet jumped on the FitBit band bagon honestly you need too!

Getting in 10K steps a day has incredible health benefits and focusing on your NEAT (non-exercise activity) has a better chance of keeping your fat off than killing yourself in a 30 minute workout daily.

Benefits of 10,000 Steps a Day

What are some of the health benefits for 10K steps a day?

  1. Improves Sleep
  2. Reduces fatigue
  3. Improves sex drive
  4. Decreases Hypertension (lowers your risk of a heart attack)
  5. Lowers stress levels
  6. Aids in weight loss
  7. Keep Fat Off for good

Simple Tips for Getting in 10,000 Steps a Day

  • Take the stairs
  • Park at the back of the parking lot
  • Take the long way to the bathroom at the office
  • Set an alarm and go for a 3-5 minute walk every few hours (this is great for those who work at a desk job)
  • Take a 10 minute walk after meals
  • Walk the dog
  • Do the chores (cleaning, mowing, vacuuming, etc., are great ways to get in extra steps)
  • Walk around the house during commercials

How to Track

There are so many ways to track your steps these days. My favorite is the FitBit, but you can also simply use this app, or get a good old fashioned pedometer. The FitBit is the most accurate and also tracks many other areas of your health including sleep and calories burned.

By logging your macros and getting in 10K steps a day, you can achieve a lot of your health and fitness goals. Walking 10,000 steps a day can burn around 500 calories! Mix that with macro counting and making sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs, and you’ll be on your way to weight loss success without killing yourself in the gym. If you are new to exercise or it has been a while since you worked out getting in 10K steps is the perfect way to get started on your health and fitness lifestyle!

Join Me

If you’re interested in learning more about macro counting, NEAT exercise, and getting your body into fat burning mode, there are three ways you can join me.

  1. Join my free Facebook group for monthly challenges, weight loss tips, recipes, and more.
  2. Follow me on Instagram for weight loss tips, meal plans, and client success stories.
  3. Join the next round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss and receive individualized macros calculations, one on one coaching and support, and home and/or gym workout plan, and more. BONUS: Former clients are eligible for VIP after one round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss.

Losing weight and burning fat doesn’t have to be extreme. Sometimes all it takes is switching up your nutrition and doing something as simple as walking.

Client Spotlight – Billie Crumbaker

What did your health and fitness look like before the FASTer Way to Fat Loss?

I’ve always been an active person, but I’ve always struggled with food. No matter what type of program I tried, and I’ve tried many, I just couldn’t get my nutrition under control. I would do really well for 3 to 4 days and then I would completely binge. Then I would have the feeling of guilt, self-hatred, and failure. I would jump right back onto the program that I was doing at the time just to find that 3 to 4 days later I was back to feeling unsatisfied, starving, and miserable. It was a constant cycle. I became a runner in 2010, this helped keep my weight under control even though my nutrition was out of control. The more I ate, the more I felt I had to workout and run. In 2016, I started experiencing injury after injury to the point that it was affecting my running. My weight started to climb and this past December I was at my wit’s end. My anxiety was through the roof, which led to horrible stress eating. I wasn’t sleeping well, I was gaining numerous pounds, and heading for the 200 mark on the scale. I was desperate.

How did you find out about FASTer Way to Fat Loss with Brittiney Landis and what made you invest and join?

I was following Brittiney on Facebook through her Wellness and Weight Loss page, and I was also following her on Instagram. I started saving some of her videos about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. I watched them numerous times, and finally decided to go for it. My health was worth it, and I desperately needed a change.

What do you love about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Experience?

I LOVE this way of life! I truly understand “Eating the right things, at the right time, and for the right reasons.” So many programs or diets that I have been on have restricted my much needed calories (macros). I love the feeling of actually being able to eat. I love that I can balance my nutrition and my workouts together. I love that I’m not spending 7 days a week doing some type of workout. I love that the FASTER WAY to Fat Loss encourages rest. I love the feeling of not being restricted of any type of food, leaving guilt by the wayside. My anxiety is gone, I sleep better, I’m satisfied, my crazy cravings and binging are gone, and the support you have with this community is outstanding. My biggest non scale victory with this has been my last doctor’s visit. I’ve had blood pressure issues for many years. My blood pressure was the best it has ever been, 120/67.

What do you love about intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting makes me feel balanced.

What do you love about using macro counting?

There really is a difference between counting calories and counting macros. It is amazing how you feel when you have the right percentages of carbs, fats, and proteins.

What do you love about carb cycling?

I enjoy carb cycling because it switches things up for me. I have seen amazing results in my body due to carb cycling and intermittent fasting.

What’s your favorite part of the workouts & which do you use (beginner, home workout, gym workout)?

I really do love my gym, so I do the gym workouts. I have used the home workouts when I’m tight on time and can’t make it to the gym. I really like the fact that these workouts can be done quickly , but yet they’re very effective

How was your overall experience with the FWTFL?

This was the BEST decision for my health. I set a goal when I started the first round to be 165 lb by August of 2019. In 12 weeks I hit my goal, losing 4.2% body fat, 21 pounds, numerous inches, gaining muscle, and a sense of self love . This is why I decided to be an affiliate for this program. I believe in this way of life because I have seen how it has worked for me. This has been life changing for me from the inside out. Brittiney is AMAZING, so supportive, encouraging, helpful, and has so much knowledge. She works with each person based on your needs and goals. I definitely recommend Brittiney!

Client Spotlight – Megan VonHandorf

What did your health and fitness look like before the FASTer Way to Fat Loss?

I got pregnant with my first child. I gained 40 lbs. The last 15 pounds would not budge no matter how much cardio I did or how much I dieted. I lost a pound from August till I started faster way.

How did you find out about FASTer Way to Fat Loss with Brittiney Landis and what made you invest and join?

My friends story who struggled with pregnancy weight.

What do you love about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Experience?

I loved the results. I felt like myself again finally. I recognized myself in the mirror. All the support from the other women in my group.

What do you love about intermittent fasting?

It’s so easy and I had so much energy.

What do you love about using macro couting?

I can use it on the fly. I’m a busy working mom. I can stick to this program no matter what.

What do you love about carb cycling?

I ate so much more than I normally do. I never felt restrictive of foods. It made me see food in a more positive way.

What’s your favorite part of the workouts & which do you use (beginner, home workout, gym workout)?

Like I said I’m a working mom. If i can’t make it to the gym, I can do it at home. All I need is dumbbells!

How was your overall experience with the FWTFL?

I did two rounds. Now I’m doing VIP!

Always Hungry: 4 Tips for Fighting Hunger

If you are constantly feeling hungry, I have some tips for you!

Before making any macro changes, ask yourself this: Have I been stressed? Am I not sleeping well? Am I dehydrated? What has been my quality of food choices?

Food Choices

Fill your diet with foods low in macros but high in volume. Eating foods like vegetables (spinach, asparagus, broccoli, zucchini, etc..) and fruit (berries, apples, oranges, etc) for example will allow you to eat a lot more volume for fewer macros and will help you stay fuller! On the other hand, macro dense foods like juice, soda, bread, chips, bars, cookies, processed snacks, etc. will be more macro dense for less food volume. Get “more bang for your buck” with healthier food choices!


You might find that you feel hungry frequently if you’re not drinking enough water. Feelings of thirst can be mistaken for feelings of hunger. It may be helpful to drink a glass or two of water before a meal to find out if you are just thirsty.  Check out this post on staying hydrated.


Getting adequate sleep can help control your appetite, as it helps regulate ghrelin, the appetite-stimulating hormone. Lack of sleep leads to higher ghrelin levels, which is why you may feel hungrier when you are sleep deprived. To keep your hunger levels under control, it is generally recommended to get at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Are you hormones out of whack?


If you experience frequent stress your cortisol levels might be higher than normal. Cortisol is a hormone that has been shown to promote hunger and food cravings. Be sure you are powering down electronics and blue light an hour before bedtime or wear some blue light blocking glasses.

For more tips on fighting hunger, losing weight, and getting healthy, follow me on Instagram!

How to Fit Restaurants into Your Weight Loss Plan

These tips for going out to eat are great for anyone working to lose weight. These tips are especially great for anyone following a macro counting diet plan. My favorite plan is the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. It utilizes carb cycling, intermittent fasting, and macro counting to give you the best results without depriving yourself.

Dining Out

Sometimes it’s nice not to have to worry about cooking or preparing a meal – I totally get that. I’ve got you covered with some tips in order to enjoy a meal out while staying on track with your diet progress!

  • Research restaurants with the nutritional info listed and then choose which meal will fit into your macros ahead of time
  • Choose food that is easy to eyeball and estimate (ex: lean meat, veggie, rice or potato – ask your waiter to hold any oil or butter)
  • Log your best guesses into your my fitness pal
  • Always over estimate, most of the time restaurants add butter, oils etc and do not have to list them in nutritional facts
  • Watch my video on the topic


If you’d like to enjoy a drink every once in a while that is fine as long as you track it and allow it to fit into your macro numbers.

For the FASTer Way to Fat Loss macro counting purposes, alcohol is tracked as a carb, fat, or combination of both. To calculate macronutrients for alcohol, we need to know how many calories it contains.

Once you know the calorie content, (simply google your beverage of choice) you can calculate alcohol this way:

  • As a carb:
    • Total number of calories in drink/4 = total carb grams
      Example: 5 oz Red Zin Wine has 132 calories/4 = 33g carbs
  • As a fat:
    • Total number of calories in drink/9 = total fat grams
      Example: 5 oz Red Zine Wine has 132 calories/9 = 14.6 g fat

Falling Off the Wagon

We’ve all done it. Someone brings a cake to work and you’re tempted to have a slice even though you’ve already planned your food for the day or maybe “just one bite” turned into the whole plate.

What do you do now?

  • Don’t feel guitly you wanted the treat, enjoy the treat, guilt tends to make us over eat more
  • Don’t give up on the rest of the day!
    • Just because you had a slip up, it doesn’t mean that you have to “blow” your whole day, weekend or week. Focus on making healthy choices for the rest of the day and get back on track! (If it’s early enough you might be able to rearrange the rest of your day’s meals to fit in your treat).
  • Write down how you felt afterward and save it as a note to reflect on next time you feel like your willpower is low or you need some extra motivation to stay on track
  • LOG your treat, most of the time it doesn’t put us off track near as much as we think

Don’t forget that losing weight doesn’t mean you have to eat grilled chicken and broccoli everyday. The old school ways of low calorie eating and excessive workouts are over. You can learn more about the cutting edge strategies utilized by the FASTer Way to Fat Loss here!

How to Organize your Kitchen for Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight, there are so many little things you can do to help you be successful.  When your environment is conducive to your goals, you’re so much more likely to achieve them.  Here are 7 ways you can organize your kitchen for weight loss success.

Organize your Fridge

Organize your fridge by keeping healthy foods front and center.  Make the healthiest options easy to grab and go.  Because I have a house full of kids, I like to make sure that I have healthy snacks on the bottom shelf in the fridge

Prep Fruits and Veggies

Prep fruits and vegetables as soon as you get home from the grocery store.  Clean, cut, and portion your fruits and veggies into single serving containers.  You’re much more likely to eat these healthy snacks if they’re easy to consume. These glass Pyrex containers are pretty and perfect for portioning.

Keep a Gallon of Water in your Fridge and Drink it Everyday

A simple rule of thumb when it comes to drinking water is that you should consume half your body weight in ounces every day.  I aim for a gallon each day.  The easiest way I can remember to drink my water is by filling up a gallon jug (like this one) and keeping it in the fridge.  That way, it’s always cold and ready to go and I know how much I have left to drink at any given time.

Don’t Buy Snack Food (or Portion it Out)

A simple way to make sure you don’t binge out on snack food is to avoid buying it.  If it’s not in the house, you can’t turn to it in a moment of weakness and ruin your progress.  If you do buy snack foods, portion them out into individual portions so you don’t overeat.  D

Don’t Buy Soda or Sugary Drinks

When you’re trying to lose weight one easy way to cut calories is by not consuming soda and sugary drinks.  Most people are shocked by the sugar content and number of calories that are in drinks.  Stick to water and shed the pounds.

Keep Lots of Spices on Hand

Healthy food doesn’t have to bland or boring.  Keep lots of spices on hand and use them as a calorie free way to add flavor to your food.

Plan your Menu and Keep it Visible

Fail to plan, plan to fail.  Plan your meals for the week and keep the meal plan visible in your kitchen.  A chalkboard or dry erase board is a great way to write your weekly plan and have it on display for the whole family to see.  I especially love this days of the week chalkboard for a cute way to spruce up your kitchen.

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